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For the past 12 years, eFokkus has been dedicated to supporting our business community.

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Employing Millennials

Millennials are now entering the workforce. Employers are ready for millennials to work, but they are not really ready to employ millennials.


Millennials have unique handling whether in the workplace or not. Millennials cannot be managed in the same light as the generations before them. Business owners and organizations have to remember at all times that millennials grew up in a fast pace environment at the center root of electronics and easy access.


Millennials demand a lot of attention and appreciation for working with them. If felt unappreciated, millennials are the first to 

walk out of their workplace to another job without questions asked or an explanation. Losing employees at a great turn over rate creates a disadvantage to a company's reputation as well as its' customers. Good leadership skills are a significant element in why an employee leaves a workplace.

There are many ways to keep your workforce in your workplace. Without a strategic talent management plan or employee engagement place your company is sure to have a continued high turn over rate. I can help you turn this around.

Why Strategic Employee Engagement Is Important

For years now, companies have come across hard times trying to figure out how to keep their employees and increase their profits. It is important for a company to retain its employes.


Have you been wondering what does turn over rate means and why your employee turn over rate is high?

 Turn over rate is the percentage that most employes leave or are dismissed from a workplace. The higher the percentage the more a business is consistently hiring to replace an employee as well as the business profits decreased. Employee turn over rate can be decreased and profit increase with a strategic talent management or strategic employee engagement plan.


Have you ever thought about your leadership role or your key employee's leadership role?


Losing employes at a great turn over rate creates a disadvantage to a business' reputation with its' customers. When employes are unhappy with employee relations or overall with their job duties at a company, customers are lost not to return because of the employees' unhappiness at a company.


Good Leadership Skills are a significant element in why an employee leaves a workplace and the workplace has a high turn over rate.


Most company employes are not always satisfied at the workplace, therefore, they quit. Furthermore, have many absences that result in dismissal. Do you know why they quit? It is because leadership roles are not satisfactory for where employes who are led by their leaders in the workplace see attributes of a good manger and manager qualities.


If you want relief, a decreased turn over rate, confidence in your employes, and an increased profit, I am your employee retention specialist, give me a call for employee retention consulting to find out why your employes are leaving your workplace because of your company's management and leadership, etc.

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eFokkus is an outsourcing hr talent management service that specializes in employee retention, employee engagement, job description, job description consulting, employee handbook for small businesses, compensation structure, employee satisfaction,  and performance evaluation. Business owners get overwhelmed and frustrated experiencing the continuous loss of employees whether voluntary or involuntary. This creates strife for the business owner to find a replacement that cost more than what you pay for three (3) months of wages for one employee. Most companies do not realize they are losing a little over $3000 per employee when they lose an employee.

It is our business to completely convey, simplify and use various strategies that allow me to deliver the utmost reliable employee retention consulting that our clients expect and deserve. I focus greatly on attendance management, the new employee, manager qualities, employee management, performance management, and leadership roles because attendance management and good leadership skills are the main reason employees leave a workplace, but do you know why it's because of management and leadership mainly? Contact me today to get started on keeping more of your profits.