Types of Leadership

Look no more. Here you can find out the different types of leadership there are as well as how empowering leadership, leadership development goals, and leadership communication go hand-in-hand to make your work environment work for the better of your company and for your employees or even as an employee.

Empowering leadership is when you have the belief that your employees are able and want to take more responsibility for their work duties or position. Empowering leadership enables employees to advance in the workplace and encourages them to want to advance. The Leadership Quiz can help you with empowering leadership skills.


Leadership development goals are when employees placed in leadership roles are determined to achieve high emotional intelligence with self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, social regulation, and motivation for self and those that are leading. When emotional intelligence is used they are helpful in making decisions, setting goals, and managing stress. The Leadership Quiz can help you to set leadership development goals and furthermore, increase employee engagement.


Leadership communication is a type of communication leaders use to convey a company's culture, core values, mission, and crucial messages to build trust and encourage employees. When truly practiced, it inspires other employees to communicate the same and show the company's culture, core values, and mission. All companies need to have leadership communication in place between leaders and employees to help the company convey its message to its customers. The Leadership Quiz can help you have better leadership communication skills and encourage employee engagement.