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About eFokkus

eFokkus is a 13-year Winston-Salem, North Carolina based company owned by a highly experienced employee retention professional. eFokkus opened serving startup businesses in North Carolina, expanding throughout the United States later offering considerable experience delivering client-based employee retention solutions.


Our professionals have over 10 years of experience in employee retention consulting, creating and implementing employee retention solutions.

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We exist to provide operational relief to overwhelmed new businesses and existing business owners by lessening their burden of retaining employees through an employee engagement strategic plan.


We vision businesses succeeding through the inspiration of enthusiasm and commitment with our custom recruitment solutions and lead strategies based on individual business requirements.

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About The Owner

For the love of the success of business owners, Kamm started consulting business owners in 2008 out of her home. In her first year in as a Human Resources Management professional, she learned through on-the-job experience that most business owners did not understand the why their employees quit or had to be terminated. Therefore, she wanted to assist business owners in understanding employee retention with an emphasis on employe engagement, so she opened eFokkus to provide employee retention consulting services.


Kamm dedicated herself to providing quality knowledge-based talent management educating business owners on how to keep their employees resulting in an increase their bottom line. This included what was occurring with their employee's personal and on-the-job-employee experience situations and getting them in an achievable employee retention plan that resulted in increasing their bottom-line. Now she spreads one fact to business owners.


“For every employee, your company loses a year, you lose at least $20,000 per each employee, at the least up to $100,000 or more in profits lose every year for each employee who quits or is terminated by your company”.



Ask Kamm, she will tell you why because she wants you to keep your current employees and more of your money in your pockets.

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