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Employee Retention Specialist

Hello I'm Kamm!

With more than 13 years of experience in Human Resources, I know all the right ways to get your business where you want it to be starting with retaining your employees to increase your annual profit.

I enjoy assisting business owners to succeed. I believe no business owner sets out to fail and with assistance can succeed. Therefore, I am here to help business owners with employees on their journey to future success through human resources strategies.

What I Know​

Business owners for years have tried to get a grip on keeping their employees. Most businesses lose an average of 18% of their workers in one year. If there are 10 employees, that's 2 employees, with a loss of $30,000-$90,000 for the 2 employees.


That's a lot of money loss!


As the owner, you just wrote a blank check and placed it in the hands of someone you don't know!

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What I Do

  1. Analyze employees, managers, and relations

  2. Determine The Root Cause of employees leaving your workplace

  3. Create a Strategic Retention Action Plan to keep employees in your workplace

  4. Implement the Action Plan to ensure the plan is working  effectively and for future success 

  5. In 6 months you will see an increase in your profits

My Successes

Galloway Tax Express

Established in 1994, Opened to public 2009, Still Operating 

  • Nonprofit Tax Preparation

  • Business Startup Filings

  • Notary Service

YAMM  (Youth Achieving Moral Maturity)

Established in 2016, Still Operating 

  • Nonprofit Youth Organization

Phisticated Lady Entertainment

Established in 2017, Still Operating 

  • Kid's Cover 'nTaste Party Planning

Let's Drive Your  Business to Success

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