New business owners need to understand how to manage their employees with or without an HR Department. There is nothing worse in the business industry than operating and not really making a profit. Thousands of business owners lose profit because of their management team or person. Most business owners do not know that majority of their employees leave because of their hired management team. Management teams if not trained properly are the #1 cause of employees separating from a business.


In my blogs, you will find ways to assess and implement your staff/employees without spending money every month. You will find the advice you can use that will increase your profits, not your revenue. You will also learn the difference between revenue and profits. Where most new business owners believe their revenue is their profit, which is not true. In efforts to make sure you and your company are profitable; you can reach out to me to get free consulting in your hard areas of:


  • How to increase your profit

  • Implement job satisfaction

  • Develop training programs

  • Develop employees

  • Access to having an employee handbook created

  • Access to creating salary and wage structure

  • The ability to comment and ask questions

  • Learn methods of employee appreciation

  • Learn methods of how employee morale plays a huge role in the workplace

And much more