eFokkus Services


Grow Your Business with my strategic employee retention planning. Get a free consultation on how to increase your profits by increasing your employee retention and decreasing your employee turnover rate. It’s always a good idea to make sure your company is in the best possible position to keep operating with a profit. You can get a free consultation today for free.


No plan can be created without an analysis of your business's retention and turnover rate. You can achieve your business goals from my analyzed data on your retention and turnover rates. I provide you with a comprehensive analysis of why your employees are not staying with your company. This is the stage where you actually find out how much money you have literally lost from losing employees without an effective retention plan in place. Get started with a full analysis today.


I provide you with a comprehensive strategic plan from my employee retention analysis to improve your company's turnover rate that is ensured to increase your profit up to $100,000 in a few months’ time.

Our comprehensive employee retention plan includes:

  • Six (6) months of consultation

  • Needs Assessment

  • Analyzing job positions and compensation

  • Identifying strategies and interventions

  • Action Plan

  • Implementation of Action Plan