Human Resources Setup

Every small business needs a human resources setup for the welfare of its employees. Setup includes meeting the company's mission, vision, values,  hiring employees or contractors, establishing the company's culture, benefits, salaries, health insurance, employee motivation, training, recruiting, selection, and meeting government compliance regulations, etc. Without the elements in place, a company will not be able to thrive as most companies are predicted not to survive their first five years. 

Let us help you thrive to overcome the five-year prediction. 

Human Resources

Setup for your companys culture

Whether or not you have a human resources department we help you make sure everything runs smooth. No need to figure out how to get everything you need for your employees, we are the human resources specialist, we know what you need to succeed. After completion of your human resources plan that includes your completed staffing plan for what positions need to be filled, we will...

  • Create your job descriptions

    • Job profiles with descriptions

    • Responsibilities

    • Skill Requirements

    • Training Requirements

    • Education Requirements, etc.

  • Create pay salary and wage scale

    • Create rate for managers and non-managers within state range consist with each role within your company with and without educational/work criteria

  • Create employee handbooks

    • Create Comprehensive employee handbooks

      • Introduction​

      • Wages and hours

      • Leaves and Benefits

      • Policies and procedures

      • Computer/Cell Phone Policy

      • Privacy

      • Corrective Action Policy