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I'm here as your employee consultant for:

  • Human Resource Planning

  • Performance Management

  • Compensation Structure Ex

  • Turn over rate

  • Employee handbooks

Why You Should Contact Me

Statistics show that most companies do not make it past 3 years of operations. eFokkus is here to make sure your company is successful starting with your employees for your company to make it past the 3-year mark. Being a startup company, most business owners do not understand everything there is to know about operating their Human Resource department. This really doesn’t matter. There are a lot of companies that operate without a physical HR Department.


I show you how to make your employees work for you effectively to increase your profits while decreasing your turnover rate. Outsourced HR is less costly than having a physical HR Department presence and is profitable for you and your company. Don’t wait until your company is about to become closed before you take action to make sure your doors do not close. Start today by contacting me and finding out how I can help you keep your employees and your business profits. You do not need an HR Department to run your company, you just need an HR Consultant to guide you to managing employees and that’s it. Contact me today.