eFokkus Consulting Services

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With my free Employee Retention Consultation, I will provide you with a free consultation that will provide information on why your employees are leaving, how to keep them in good standing, and increase your profit in less than six (6) months. eFokkus will give you the information you need to get your company on track decreasing employee turnover, increasing profit, and employee retention. We do the work for you, and you get the information needed to keep more of your money in your pocket.


With my Employee Retention Analysis, you will receive an employee turnover rate analysis report on the root causes of your high employee turnover rate. The employee turnover rate analysis will pinpoint all causes of why your employees are leaving your workplace and we provide recommendations to decrease the turnover rate that will increase employee retention, increasing your bottom line. The majority of business owners are surprised by the results of this analysis. They want to fix the issue!


With my Employee Retention Strategic Plan, you will receive employee retention consulting service with a free consultation and a full strategic talent management plan constructed from my Employee Retention Analysis that will resolve your employee turnover rate, increase your employee retention, and increase your bottom line.