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Retail Customers and Retail Employees Retention

People crave consistency more now than ever from retail employees. The more you hold on to your staff the longer their delivery of your retail services becomes consistent. Let us face it, if an employee is a newbie at something in your retail, it is awkward and awkward. Unsere guests see this, YES...customers can recognize a new employee by what the employee does. Think of why patronize your favorite retail. That right there, your friend, is the essence of consistency, and it was probably delivered to you by the same staff every time with the service you like and except every time in some way.

retail employee

Those well-trained folks who have been doing something for a long time have developed systems, muscle memory, etc. They allow them to complete assigned tasks quicker than a person who is new to them. It's important to recognize, develop and reward those who bring these efficiencies to the table, as labor costing is one of the largest controllable costs in retail you have to make sure this controllable cost is controlled. However, in order to control it you have to make sure your retail employees are taken care of.

Seasoned Retail Employee Retention

Seasoned employees usually make fewer errors as well; cashiers have fewer shortages, stockers stock quicker, etc, I have seen the direct effect that can and can have on the bottom lines of new vs seasoned retail employees. Long-term employees produce consistent financial results – this permits easy budget writing, more money in your pocket, and consistent and happy employees. A consistent budget for development or training in your budget consistently shows not only that the numbers make sense for your model but also that they can be achieved.

Employees and Low Wages

A study by BambooHR shows that 10% leave their jobs because they think that they deserve more than they are paid. A major reason retail workers leave their jobs is because of low wages. Instead of working for a retailer that offers low wages despite years of experience, they might consider switching to different retailers for better pay. As there are high business costs involved in hiring and developing retail workers, replacing them and investing time and effort in training new employees would not be a profit-making solution. In order to keep the best employees, consider offering competitive wages for employees. Compare the salary scale other businesses offer to hire people with the same skills you are recruiting for, conduct regular performance reviews, and offer annual or hourly raises.

If you are a retail owner and want to know how to decrease your hiring and recruiting and increase keeping your current good employees, I can help you. Schedule a free consultation to find out how I can increase your bottom line through your retail employees.

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