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The Power of Exit Interviews

Updated: Jul 10

Exit Interviews are a Valuable Resource

Exit interviews are an incredibly valuable resource when it comes to understanding and retaining valuable employees. They provide a unique opportunity for employers to gain insight into the reasons why their staff may have decided to leave, as well as what can be done to improve the workplace and overall employee experiences.

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An employee leaving an organization is usually a cause for concern, especially when employee retention is an issue. But an exit interview can be an invaluable asset in discovering the root cause of why an employee has chosen to depart, and what can be done to prevent further outflows. Exit interviews should be designed to identify potential gaps in the company’s processes, systems, and strategies, as well as any management or leadership issues that may be pushed employees away, and suggest improvements that can prevent further departures.

Use Exit Interviews as a Dialogue Between Employer and Employee

When conducted properly, an exit interview should open up a dialogue between the employer and the employee. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of leaving the job, the interviewer should seek to understand the reasons for the departure and extract valuable information about the job, the workplace, and the overall culture. This is crucial for improving employee engagement and retention.

Exit Interview Questions

When it comes to conducting an exit interview, the interviewer should be focused on asking thoughtful, probing questions that are aimed at uncovering meaningful information. The questions should be tailored to the employee and should focus on topics such as job satisfaction, manager/supervisor relationships, workflow, communication, workload, and more. Asking questions such as, “What was your main reason for leaving the company?”, “What did you like/dislike about your job?” and “What do you think we could do to improve the workplace?” can provide valuable insight and help uncover underlying trends that can feed into organizational changes.

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Exit Interview Feedback

By getting honest and meaningful feedback from departing employees, organizations can not only identify and address any issues that may be pushing employees away but also provide a platform for improving employee engagement and retention. Exit interviews are an effective way of capitalizing on valuable opportunities to understand the underlying reasons why employees may be leaving and how to improve the workplace environment and culture.

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