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Being a Great Leader in the Restaurant Industry

Updated: Apr 25

As a small business owner, a regular routine will enable you to convey a better vision for your company image and motivate your employee to excel in the tasks assigned.

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There are different leadership styles with fundamental skills that make up a great leader regardless of what leadership style a business owner has.

Great leaders:

· Inspire others

· Help others develop a vision

· Set goals and stay focused

· Communicate well with others

· Give and receive feedback

· Know their own strengths and weaknesses of themselves

· Know the strengths and weaknesses of their employees

· Know how to ask for help

· Are very committed

· Are approachable and honest

· Know how to execute a strategy

If you do not have all the above skills as a great leader, it’s time to get started on brushing up and acquiring them. These skills aid in keeping employees. As a business owner, if you do not have these skills your employees will leave your workplace and move on to the next job, and when they leave you have to replace them losing profits. Nowadays, most employees stay on a job for an average of 90 days. After 90 days, you will have to replace that employee you just hired three (3) months ago. This will cost you at least $5,865. In other words, you just handed someone a blank check and they withdrew $5,865 out of your bank account for doing nothing but live on this earth.

There are a lot of ways to increase you are losing profits and don't know about. If you want to keep your employees and increase your leadership skills as well as your employees’ leadership skills and I can help you do just that. I provide a free 30-minute employee engagement consultation and walk you through how I can achieve this for you and your company.

Book an appointment for a free consultation today to find out how eFokkus can save you money to increase your profits by consulting your company on leadership don't go at it alone, you're not an employee specialist! You will not regret that you made the decision to book a consultation.

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